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Why are Americans so against Obamacare? It’s a good thing for your country. Health care should be free for everyone and not something only the wealthy have. So all of the white, idiotic republicans can go fuck themselves.

Republicans are idiotic, yet you think Obamacare is free. Read a bit about it, dont just be a sheep.

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short psa


Don’t make nazi jokes. Really don’t do that. 

Many Germans have like zero national pride and the only time you will see a german flag (not counting government buildings) is during a world cup. Waving the german flag and being enthusiastic about Germany is normally associated with Nazis so please don’t ruin this by telling Nazi jokes.

I have to disagree with this post  a bit. I mean, Nazi jokes are in bad taste so, yea. Don’t do those. But I wouldn’t say Germans have zero national pride. I see the flag often and  see people who are very proud of their country. They may not be proud of their past, but they are proud today. At least from what I’ve experienced.. I’ve lived here for 2 years now and I am married  a German (born and raised here) and his family is just as proud to be German as my family is to be American.

All that said, Congats to Germany! A well deserved win.

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