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We are located at the teeny tiniest post in Germany & loving every minute of it

12 months had come and gone.. The big day had finally arrived. He was a day behind schedule and he flew in at 0100.. It was a long day filled with so many emotions. I was excited, anxious, nervous.. Every kind of emotion. I sat with our children on the benches, listening to the music and watching the video they were showing of our men & women when they first flew into Topeka. I was nervous that I wouldn’t recognize him.

The soldiers made their way through the doors and into formation. I figured mine would be easier to see since he was one of the tallest, but when there is a sea of camo infront of you, its harder…

Towards the end, I saw him. Whenever I see him in a large formation, he usually signals in a subtle way. I saw a little smile and thats all I needed. He was home. We were a family again. A year or so of missing someone isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to explain the reason their daddy isn’t home… Every moment is worth it when you see them walk through the doors and you know they are safe again.

Deployment Nov 2010- Nov 2011 

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